That’s What’s Up – February 19

This last week was rough.

As I mentioned previously we saw the Oscar Shorts at the beginning of the week. The Oscar Shorts are the past year’s short films that were nominated by the academy: animated, live actions, and docushorts. We saw the animated and live action films on Sunday with another couple. The animated ones were great however the live action films were hard to watch. In terms of critical acclaim, they were all definitely worthy of their Oscar nomination status but the content of all but one of the four films was either super dark or super sad. And not like kinda sad, but the ‘OMG why is the world so hard and hurtful and I need to go home and cry and have a glass of wine and take a hot shower all at the same time’ – kind of sad.

The first live action film Dekalb Elementary was inspired by a 911 call placed  about a school shooting in Atlanta.  The last film that day, Watu Wote – All of Us, was the story of gunmen who attacked a bus full of Kenyan travelers in December 2015, solely for the purpose of killing any Christians on board. I left the movies shook. And that was the start of the week.

Then a gunman walks into a school and takes the lives of 17 people on Valentine’s Day. A day that was supposed to celebrate love in all of its form, is now marred by death and bloodshed. We had tickets to see the Black Panther on Thursday night but I didn’t want to go on opening night. To be honest, I just didn’t feel safe. Black people everywhere had been chatting about going to see the movie on opening night and Colorado is an open carry state meaning that anyone can walk into a movie theatre carrying a gun. It is also the state where the Aurora movie theatre shooting happened and where two students opened fire on their high school classmates in 1999, in a memory we all know as one word: Columbine.

As many of you probably felt, it was an emotional week. I still managed to get some things done – not as much as I wanted but progress.

Small Blue Table - #Denver #HouseHunting
Buying stuff for the house we don’t own.

House Hunt: Last week I kind of gave up on the search. We have some business to sort through with our agents and our lenders regarding our revised criteria. Plus, Fury was sick and the week was emotional, and frankly, it all felt overwhelming. I let the RedFin emails pile up in my inbox and Fury was a saint and sorted through them all. We didn’t see any houses that really met our criteria which was good because I wasn’t really in the mood to go house shopping last week. I did manage to go furniture shopping and bought a really cute table at the Thrift Store. I also got some chicken wire from a neighbor that we will use to set up our chicken run for whenever we do finally purchase a home.

In Monique’s Kitchen: I am beefing with Penelope. Who’s Penelope? She’s my sourdough starter and she is a fickle, fickle gal. I made a second attempt this week to make the bread from Tartine. Another fail. I think the solution to this problem involves regulating the temperature more carefully, watching the starter like a hawk, and finding a warm place for the starter to rise. The comments on the NY Times version of the recipe said that this is not a bread, but a lifestyle. Who you telling? I am committed to the success of this recipe so I am taking a few days off (I also ran out of wheat flour to feed it) and will resume this week. I will make this bread. And Chad Robertson, it better be worth it.

Writing/Career Development: So this is probably a whole other post but I will sum it up quickly here. I decided to start a little online business so that is taking my time from becoming an Pulitzer prize-winning essayist. 🙂 More on the business to come, as its still in its infancy, but I am hoping for a solid launch next month. I’ve already taken the website down twice due to rebranding and re-scoping the project but I think I finally have a good handle on what I want it to be and look like. I do feel like starting my own business was the next step that I needed to take but I just never knew what I wanted to do. I think I may have found something that I could be really in to for a long time and uses all of my skills, interests, and passion in a really valuable way. Plus, I get to call myself a Founder, and Editor-In-Chief right now. Which is kind of dope. So that’s what’s up!

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