Career Break: Day 1

Today should feel different.  But it doesn’t.

I woke up… slept in a little, showered, drank coffee and then logged on the computer.

However, I wasn’t logging on for work or for anything else – I was just logging on to write this post.  Today is the first day of my sabbatical/Career Break.  For the next 3-6 months my time is mostly my own.  For the first time in 22 years I am not working.  I don’t have a paycheck coming in and I have no immediate response to the question “What do you do?”

Earlier this summer when Fury and I decided that this would be the best course of action for our family, I was really overwhelmed by the thought of not working.  I had not realized how much of my identity had been caught up in jobs.  My work had always given me a sense of purpose – no matter how much I loved or hated the job.  Now today, my purpose is to be a wife to Fury, dog mom to our puppy, and the keeper of our home.  With such a drastic change in role, why doesn’t it feel different?

Well I guess today, feels like I am just taking a vacation day – which I would do occasionally to just get my life in order.  I would take the day off to reorganize the pantry, do laundry, install curtains, or other household tasks that had kept getting postponed.  So in a sense, today feels no different than those days.  After writing I will go prep dinner, fold laundry, and continue to unpack the boxes from our cross-town move.  I will dust, sweep, and clean.  I will cook, label, and organize.  I will try to prepare a home that works efficiently for Fury and I that is free of clutter and works in a way that makes our lives easier.  I want our home to be a creative and energetic space, where we can think and dream and build and ponder…  I also want our lives to be spent less on chores and more on the fun things we want to do.  I think part of that is creating a system and efficiency to our space so that less time is spent cleaning our house but building a life.

Initially, when I said I would write every day I thought it would be easier.  The words are coming slow to me today, and I thought writing for 25 minutes would be a no brainier.  But it’s been 15 minutes and this post seems to be a jumbled collection of thoughts.  So I will stop here and begin to pursue the new morning routines I have set out for myself: alkaline water, green juice, and a “win” early in the day.  Today’s targeted “win” is to prep dinner for today (and hopefully tomorrow) so when I am off to class tonight, Fury can easily toss the food on the grill.

More tomorrow, World, as I begin the first day of the rest of my life.

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