Honeymoon In A Week

Fury and I either never took a honeymoon or we took two.  I’m not sure.

We got married in a private ceremony with us and the pastor (is it considered eloping if you do it in your own town?).  Then we took a plane to Venice, Italy and had the most amazing day ever (no seriously.. EVER) with a photographer on the streets of Venice wearing our full wedding vestments.  And then we did the semi-traditional wedding thing for friends and family wearing the same stuff we wore in Venice a few months later in a mansion 3 miles from our apartment.  A day after that, we drove 2 hours to Portland, Maine where we didn’t use our phones for three days and drank amazing cocktails and ate the best bread and butter in the world three times.  Yes, that happened.

So depending on what you call a honeymoon – we either never took one or we took two.  But if you ask me, we never took one – because I was saving the “honeymoon card” for a BIG trip.  Like a BIG trip.  I wanted an excuse to take at least two weeks off from work, and to travel somewhere far and exotic and have a big fancy trip and tell everyone it’s our honeymoon, and get free champagne and pillows on the bed shaped like swans (cause that’s what happens on your honeymoon, right?).  So we pocketed the honeymoon card for the right time.

As time went by, I started to worry that we would never take that “big trip”.  We got married in 2015, moved to Colorado in 2016, and then I started flying back and forth to Boston.  It was hard to find the time to take that BIG trip, when I was getting on a plane every 3-4 weeks for work.  We actually got close to booking our honeymoon last year, but right before I booked the flight I realized that I was fancy, and couldn’t stomach the idea of a 12 hour flight in coach.  With no time to pivot, and not enough cash saved to upgrade, we tabled the honeymoon for another year.

It started to look like it wasn’t going to happen and then about 6 weeks ago we got an email from Air New Zealand saying that there was a sale on flights.  The premium economy seats we were hoping to book, were 50% off.  It was now or never.  So without too much thinking (very uncharacteristic of the Fury-Monique alliance) we booked the flight.  That was late August — now we are leaving in a week.

Imagine you’re speaking to an alien – someone who has NEVER been to Earth, much less to the United States and they say, “I’m going to Earth for two weeks, I think I’ll hit the United States, what should I do?  And yeah.. I don’t have unlimited money, so it needs to be reasonably priced.”  What would you tell them?  New York? Vegas? California?  Where in California? The beach? Wine Country? Disney Land? Disney World? Should they hit Orlando? Drive cross country? Take cheap Southwest flights everywhere?  How do you tell this Alien, who may never visit Earth again what they should do in the United States for two weeks?

That’s what it was like booking a trip to New Zealand.  New Zealand is only the size of Colorado but it packs so much interesting stuff into such a small space.  It is nearly impossible for one reasonable person to see all that you would want to see in two weeks.. not to mention there is two of us – so the list of things to see and do is twice as long.  Somehow we have to whittle it down to a reasonable amount that doesn’t leave us running all over the country, driving on the other side of the road, sleep deprived, and standing upside down (ok, we aren’t really standing upside down, but compared to people in the northern hemisphere.. we kind of are) needing a vacation from your vacation.  Plus it’s our honeymoon – aren’t we supposed to be relaxing with rose petals and towel swans on our bed?

So yeah… all that is happening, next week.  EEEK!!!

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