So remember when I said that I was going to write fast and furiously on here, but then, I rarely posted? So about that…

Well, truth is, that I did start writing more.  In fact, I’ve been writing almost every day. However, I’ve been writing a lot of scattered content that doesn’t necessarily fit into the theme of a career break. This blog initially began as a place to practice writing and gather my thoughts as I wandered through this career break business. However, as my life has changed over the last year (yes, it’s been almost a year!) so has this blog and I am beginning to think the format no longer works for the content I am creating.

I realized this blog has become more of a dumping ground for my various thoughts, projects, anecdotes, and essays so perhaps the format should reflect that. A while back, I referenced Emilie Wapnick’s Multipotentialite theory which I learned about from her TED Talk. Since then, I’ve subscribed to her blog and last week I joined Puttytribe which is an online community for multipotentialites. I remember reading some time ago why every MultiPod needs a blog… you know, varying interest, a place to play, explore, and all that jazz.

So I’ve decided to make my blog less career break focused (because let’s be honest, I hardly wrote about that anyway) and more of a lifestyle blog. What the hell is a lifestyle blog you ask? Well, it’s basically a blog where you write about your lifestyle.. whatever that is. Most of these lifestyle blogs tend to be geared around fashion or beauty but I want to write about so much more.

Lately, I’ve been writing a lot about our house projects. Which is great. But some of it is boring. And what if you dear reader, are so over that. What if you want to hear about “what’s cooking in Monique’s kitchen?” a topic I addressed earlier with my weekly updates. Or what’s growing in Monique’s garden (The answer is: squash and so much of it!). Those don’t all necessarily fit into the framework of a career break blog.. so I’m redesigning the blog.  I’m looking into a new layout that provides better organization of content and allows me to be a little bit more authentic in my writing. So what can you expect?

Well… the layout will change. The content will change. The tone and style, however, will stay the same. I’m going to be honest, while we go through the remix you might not see any new posts for a while (say like 2-3 weeks) but when things are back up and running under the new framework, stay tuned for a lot more crazy adventures.

Stay tuned for the remix!

2 thoughts on “Remix!”

  • OMG, “Multipotentialite theory” – that may have just changed my life. it makes me feel less like someone who can’t figure out their “calling” and more powerful that I kick ass in most anything (a sentence written partly in jest, partly in all seriousness). Looks like another term for generalist, but the word has more forward momentum than maybe generalist.

    • Yes. Yes! Yes!!! Learning about the idea of being a multi-potentialite gave me so much power. Like, ok, I’m not clueless or flaky, just multi-talented with diverse interests. Yay! And there are others like me! YAY! Now, what to do with all this power and potential? That’s the next big question… And don’t apologize. You do kick ass at everything… your hubster told me so. 🙂

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