That Bilbo Baggins Feeling

“I’m going on an Adventure!” — The Hobbit, J.R.R. Tolkien

I had to do it.  I know.  I’m a conformist (sometimes). I’m sorry.

But every other blog post, Instagram, or social media share about a trip to New Zealand features some sort of Hobbit or Lord of The Rings quote so there I did it. It’s done. We can all move on now.

But seriously. I went on an adventure.  And I don’t think I knew it, until it was over.

Fury and I just came back from our Never-Too-Late-Two-Years-Later honeymoon in New Zealand and it was fantastic!  Seriously the trip of a lifetime and a total adventure.  I haven’t run up all of our stats of miles traveled, dollars spent, and all that jazz quite yet but to say it was an epic adventure was an understatement.  We took a fancy flight, drank award-winning wines, ate grass-fed local animals, road tripped, laid on the beach, experienced wonders of the world, and awed at natural beauty more times than you could imagine.  New Zealand is just that dope.

I’ll get into a recap of the trip in later posts, but I wanted to quickly touch on some of the intangibles that came out of the trip.  Not only was our trip a physical adventure, but a spiritual adventure as well.  I came back from the trip feeling motivated and confident about my career/life path, feeling energized about our next adventure (buying a house! eek!), and so connected to my husband.  Even though we’ve been married for two years, I think the most connected to him I ever felt was on the last day of the trip, when we got back to the states and I was catching all the feels and just like “Whoa.. WE just did that.”  It’s an amazing feeling to have created and shared an amazing experience with someone you love.  Maybe that’s what childbirth feels like. Who knows?! (Not I for one – and yes I did just compare childbirth to a vacation.)

So now, we’ve been stateside for 3 days now and Fury is back at work.  I’m back at my late night prowling around the house, drinking whiskey and planning my/our future. It’s a weird thing to come back from vacation and not have work.  The last few days of our trip were not filled with usual dread of “going back to work” and inflated inboxes.  Out last few days were filled with excitement as we talked about the next steps for our lives together.  For the first time in a long time (maybe ever) I didn’t come back from vacation feeling sad, but hopeful and excited. 

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