That’s What’s Up – February 26

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Last night our dog waited until after I put on my PJs and laid down for bed to notify me that she needed to go out. Really? It didn’t occur to you until the precise moment that I laid down that you had to go potty? All night, she rested a few feet away from me in the office quietly napping and watching me while I worked until 2 a.m. Fifteen minutes after I retired to bed, she began crying and pacing outside the door. Grr.

After the walk in 30-degree weather I had a hard time falling asleep and as a result, I was tired and groggy this morning. My writing class was difficult as my brain wasn’t quite awake. My usual café where I go to work once a week was out of Mexican coke so I settled for a cold brew coffee. Caffeine please! Disturbingly there were two men in the café wearing MAGA hats. I won’t get into what wearing a MAGA hat 18 months after the election of 45 means, but needless to say, I was not a fan. Fortunately, the gentlemen left shortly after I arrived but it brought to mind thoughts about what I would do if I was the cashier or the owner. Would I still serve those gentlemen? Would I be friendly? Would I be cold? If I believe in voting with my dollars, does that mean I should also vote on whose dollars I take? It’s a thorny issue and reminds me that I am better off pursuing a business where I can be selective about my clientele.

House Hunting: We saw 3 houses this week. One house had no yard. Next. One house had no dining room. Next. And one house needed A LOT of work (mostly cosmetic) but had everything that we needed in an awesome neighborhood. The asking price was at the top of our budget and there were already 2 offers on the house; we wouldn’t win the bidding war and if we did, we wouldn’t have enough money left over for the repairs. It’s a tricky business to not offer on a house just because you don’t think you will win the bid. On one hand, “you can’t win if you don’t play,” but on the other hand, putting an offer on a house is an emotional decision. The actual offer letter is a 19-page document prepared by your real estate agent. My guess is that it’s mostly plug and chug and not a ton of legwork. Our side of things would be writing a thoughtful love letter, proofing the final offer and signing it. All in, not super time consuming (I think). However, the emotional stakes of this action are high. You have to love the house enough to want it. But you have to be emotionally detached enough to be okay with not getting it. It’s like saying “I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you but I’m okay if you don’t feel the same way.” Is that even realistic?

What’s Cooking in Monique’s Kitchen: I finally made the bread from the Tartine book. And it was sublime. To be honest, I don’t know if I would make it again. The process of baking the bread between mixing, turning, rising, and baking was a full 24 hours. Most of it is inactive time, but the active times require you to be available with clean hands for a few hours. The recipe made two loaves so we should be stocked up on bread for the next two weeks. In the meanwhile, I will research other sourdough recipes that require less “involved” timing.


Not a stock photo! Actual footage!

What I am Reading: I finished the Rosie Project.  It was very cute.  It felt like reading a RomCom.  The next book on my list is another fiction book, as I’ve been working on Wicked for two years.  The fact that I haven’t finished it over two years says a lot about how I feel about the book.  I loved the play, but the book just isn’t pulling me in.  I am going to try to finish it though… eventually.  But I might try and find another fiction book to read right now instead.

Writing and Career Development: My little online business met a crashing slow down last week. I got in all of 2 hours of the estimated 56 hours of work that I need to do before go-live. I wish I could tell you where my time was otherwise spent but it was a bad week of sleep and low energy and miscalculations of recipes that should have taken 30 minutes but took 2 hours. As a result, I reworked our meal plan for March for more simple and quick vegetarian meals. In honor of Lent, we will continue to abstain from meat but will add fish back to our diets. Fury and I are reshuffling household duties to allow more time for me to work as cooking, cleaning, going to class, volunteering, house hunting and creating an online business has me a little frazzled. I will also spend more of my daytime hours outside of the house working at cafes, bookstores, and libraries so that I may have undistracted time to write. Hopefully next week I will have more progress to report, but for now,  that’s whats up!

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