That’s What’s Up – March 6

What a month! I can’t tell if I am glad February is over  (I’m looking at you Veguary) or if I’m sad. This might have been my favorite Black History Month EVER! We’ll get into why below.

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House Hunting: We put in an offer on a house! Woohoo! We should know by tomorrow whether our offer got accepted. I’m not very optimistic.  Another house that we saw this weekend already had 23 offers on it and it listed on Friday.  The house we offered on is a total fixer (green carpets anyone?), but it’s in a nice part of town (we think) and could possibly be the worst house in a good hood. We also got a couple leads last week on a few houses that are not on the market yet. The tide is definitely turning on our house search and overall, I feel more positive and optimistic.

The bad news is that our lease was also up for renewal last week. Which means, that no matter when we buy a house, we are still on the hook for paying a two-month lease break fee which stinks. The fee is a couple thousand dollars that would otherwise go to a nice stove or cabinets or anything dope besides rent for an apartment we aren’t living in. But what are you gonna do, right? One more reason why renting sucks and I can’t wait to stop doing it.

If our offer doesn’t pan out, we plan to make some changes to our glam squad. Our agents are great and we love them as people, but I think they are frustrated with us as clients. My sense is that we need more hand holding than they can provide so I think when our buyer’s contract expires, we will both agree to amicably walk away.

Writing: My writing class was cancelled this morning as our teacher was sick. Today was also the last meeting of the session, and I am still unsure if I want to sign up for the next session. I enjoy the class and having a community to talk about books and the writing process. But I wonder if it would be more beneficial for me to find a class that specializes in my interest – creative nonfiction. Or do I switch gears all together? One of my career break goals was to learn and experience new things. Should I take up something else? Japanese? Painting? Beekeeping?

Career Break: Next week marks 6 months since my career break started. In some ways I feel like I have accomplished nothing and in other ways I feel like I have accomplished a lot. I’ll reflect on that more and write about it next week.

Best Black History Month Ever: We saw Black Panther (yes, I know… I still need to post the piece I wrote on that) and we saw… wait for it.. HAMILTON! Yes, we even saw it on opening night! I plan to write about that experience later as it was so utterly tremendous. But believe me – it was worth ALL of the hype! #blackexcellence #latinoexcellence (I’m see you Lin-Manuel Miranda!)

Cooking in My Kitchen: On March 1, I joyously went to Whole Foods and bought a few pounds of fish. We are still abstaining from land animals (now for Lent instead of Veguary) but I warmly welcomed sea animals back into my life. Thursday was furikake salmon. Sunday was baked tilapia. Welcome back to my kitchen sea animals. You were missed!

Reading: I couldn’t get into Wicked so I went to the Little Free Library and grabbed another book. I picked up Let them Eat Cake which sounds like another fun RomCom-y novel.

Salt ContainerSalty: I spent a good portion of last week salty. Here’s why. Needless to say, I need to work on my energy as I get salty about something and let it kill my productivity and my happiness for hours or days. And what does it do for me? Nothing. I just become saltier due to lost productivity. It’s a saltiness vortex. I need to work on a saltiness reduction plan and learn how to turn that downward cycle quickly back around. Maybe I’ll put it in my BuJo. What?! I haven’t written about my BuJo yet? Okay that’s one more thing to write about this week.

Note: If you are playing along at home, you’ll notice that I just mentioned three more posts I should write. Let’s see if I actually get those posts up this week. That’s what’s up!

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