The First 30 Days

It’s been a little over a month since I began this Career Break. I’m having mixed feelings about how I am progressing. In some ways I feel like I have accomplished a lot. In other ways, I feel like I have accomplished very little. I read somewhere recently that one of the days to deal with feeling unaccomplished is actually to write down what you DID accomplish. Power of positive and thinking… glass half full and all that jazz.  So here goes…

In the last month I:

  • moved our little family across town;  unpacked and organized our new home.
  • wrote thank you letters and cards that were over due.
  • connected with 4-5 friends that I haven’t spoken to in months/years.
  • been working on planning an awesome honeymoon in New Zealand with my husband.
  • filed and paid our 2016 taxes.
  • created a month long meal plan.
  • attended a weekly homesteading class learning things like fermenting and urban farming.
  • attended a weekly trivia night with new friends.
  •  completed change of address forms for our most important mailings.
  • had my wedding ring evaluated.
  • taken the first step to identifying realtors for our home search.
  • learned to style a wig.
  • felt more relaxed and less stressed than I have in a long time.
  • spent more quality time with my husband.
  • thought extensively about my fitness goals and how to best meet them going forward.
  • learned to give my dog a bath by myself.
  • learned a lot about myself and environments/situations that make me feel more productive.
  • gained additional insight as to what I would/would not like to pursue for my next career.
  • slept a lot and feel more rested than ever.
  • learned how to make cheese.
  • improved my kombucha making skills.
  • created systems that improve the cleanliness and operational efficiency of our household.
  • gained a growing interest in fermentation and have made sauerkraut and ginger beer.
  • have gotten to know our neighbors better.
  • posted recipes weekly to the blog I freelance for.
  • made lots of healthy and tasty dishes for us (patatas braves, egg roll skillet, stuffed eggplant, and chicken kiev to name a few)
  • visited Grand Junction Colorado and enjoyed lots of tasty wines there!
  • got our dog registered for more classes to get her closer to her CGC.
  • learned to make amazing cookies and tasty desserts.
  • started meditating.

That’s 30+ things, which isn’t bad. And when I think of how many of those things I would have had a chance to do if I was still working full time (much less traveling back and forth across the country) then this list would probably only include 4 or 5 things.

One of the most significant things I have been working on is our trip to New Zealand. We are doing this without the help of a travel agent – just a few travel books and notes from friends who are Kiwis. And although at times I resent how long this is taking to book everything (I have spent at least 3 hours every other night for the past 3 weeks working on this), I know that our trip is going to amazing and we will better for the experience. Plus, we are almost done. Just 1 or 2 more things to book.

I have been a little lax about posting on this blog which is something I can improve upon. I created this site as a journal of my break for me and for others to encapsulate the trials, tribulations and possibilities of taking a career break. So more to come my friends!

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