Under Contract: The First 7 Days

What a week it’s been!

This week was not at all what I expected going under contract was going to be. The initial call from our agent saying that our offer had been accepted was surreal. I’ve displayed more emotion finding out that grass-fed beef was on sale than on the news that we “bought a house.”

This may be due to the fact that the newfound information is simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. As our neighbor said, “it comes in waves.” One moment you are thinking, OMG, I can finally have a garden. The other moment you are thinking, What if something falls through? What if this really isn’t it? Wow, we don’t have to live on top of each other for the rest of lives! Holy hell, that’s a lot of debt we are taking out. It’s scary. Exhilarating. Confusing. Thrilling. Emotional.

Had I known what the rest of the week would entail, I would have enjoyed the surrealism longer. As it stood, on Sunday we received our marching orders from the Glam Squad and by Monday morning, the time for bewilderment had passed; it was time to go to work. The first few days under contract involved an unbelievable amount of phone calls, errands, and paperwork. With such a short closing everyone needed their money and their paperwork yesterday and we had just a few hours to make it all happen. If I hadn’t been on my career break, I would have needed to take a day or two off just to get everything done.

On top of the running around we had to schedule home and environmental inspections. But what inspections do we need? Which ones are worth it? Who do you pick? How much does it cost? And then there’s homeowner’s insurance… but how do you pick a policy? How much do you shop around? What do you need to know to make a decision?


The first thing we had to do was drop off our earnest money, which is a check you give to the title company saying that you are ‘in it to win it.’ This money goes toward the down payment if you close on the home, but if you have to back out of the offer within the appropriate timelines, you get the money back. Otherwise, the seller gets to keep your cash. So, on top of everything else you are doing, you have to make sure you are hitting all of your deadlines. To make this happen, you are paying people left and right to do things for you quickly: inspectors, the post office, couriers, everyone. Dolla dolla bills y’all.

Then there’s the sleep deprivation. Neither one of us has slept well since going under contract. The mix of excitement, anxiety, and emotions is a cocktail for sleeplessness which contributes to daytime drowsiness, irritability, and low energy. Remember when I said buying a house is not for suckers? I ain’t never lied.

But it’s not all Debbie Downer either. Going under contract in a hot housing market is the equivalent of getting engaged. People treat you like the most exciting thing in your life just happened. Our dentist. Our neighbors. Our family. Everyone we tell is just pleased as punch for us. And each person’s smile and good humor reminds you of how damn awesome this moment really is.

And then there are those fleeting moments, between the calls and paperwork, where it starts to sink in, the reality of what is happening: We don’t have to move anymore. This is it.

We’ve picked Denver to be our home. We’ve found a house that we love that we won’t outgrow out for some time. For almost half of our relationship, at least one of us has been commuting across the country. We will finally live together under one roof: one state, one city, one house. Can I get a slow clap?

We are ready. We are ready to be a part of our community, borrow sugar from our neighbors, yell at kids to get off our lawn, and have all the happiness, headaches, and hassles that come with having a home. It’s not about buying a house, it’s about creating a home. It’s starting to set in that we are almost there.

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