Under Contract: The Next Seven Days

The last few weeks can be described in one word: chaos.

I guess in most places in America, closing on a house is a 60 or 90-day process. In Denver, closing is 20 days and even less if you are paying cash. We negotiated a 22-day closing just to give ourselves a little more time but at the end of the day, it’s simply chaos. All of a sudden, you are required to do a process you have never done before in a flawless and timely manner. Deadlines are real. You miss a deadline, your contract is in default, the seller keeps your loot, and you are back on the market, looking for a house with a few thousand dollars less in the bank. Forget the struggle, deadlines are real – I wish I could tell that to my college students who frequently missed turning in papers by midnight deadlines.

Since going under contract, our household has been treading water. The gym hasn’t seen either of us. Our meal plan is under-utilized. And our house is a mess: laundry remains in piles on the folding table and there’s an unfamiliar coloration starting to form in the shower. As I said: chaos.

Every day consists of multiple phone calls and emails to the Glam Squad, vendors, contractors, someone and anyone. There’s getting quotes, following up, leaving voicemails, adjusting details, and then the decision-making process. On top of all that, you still have a life. Fury is in his busy season at work- up early and working late- I am trying to release my website (a project that has been delayed yet again!), and the dog still needs to be walked, loved, and played with.

At the end of the first week, we had our house inspection. The inspection is when you pay someone to tell you what is wrong with the house you are buying. The inspector is looking for anything that might be suspicious structurally, financially, or health and safety wise. I am not getting paid to say this but if you are in the Denver/Fort Collins area hire Above Board Home Inspectors to inspect your house. Todd was recommended to us by our neighbors, and he is the REAL DEAL. Couple of things I loved about our home inspection:

  • He didn’t just tell us what was wrong with the house, but also what was right so we knew about things that we wouldn’t have to worry about for a while.
  • He talked to us about safety hazards big and small.
  • Every 20-30 minutes he would walk us through his findings so that nothing on the report was a surprise.
  • He talked to us about how to maintain the house and who to call for what e.g. handyman vs. plumber, etc.
  • Thorough is the name of the game when picking a home inspector, and Todd was incredibly thorough. We were there for five hours while Todd investigated every inch of the house. He called out things we would have never noticed big and small and we feel so much more prepared to be homeowners having had that experience.

In addition to the home inspection, we also ordered a bunch of environmental tests. Nick from Enviocore did our environmental inspection; he was hilarious, knowledgeable, and also thorough. Nick shared with us that he had two previous lives, one as an EMT in England and the other as a Restoration contractor in Florida. In Florida, he dealt with A LOT of mold, to the point that he can walk into a store and smell if the building has mold. He didn’t smell anything in our house but also did real tests(!) and everything came back great.

With the inspection behind us, we had to just sort out the negotiation of the fixes as well as the appraisal with the sellers. By midweek everything was sorted through and all we are waiting on now is the final approval of our loan. In seven days, we become homeowners. EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!

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