We Made An Offer on A House

Big news people: we made an offer on a house!

I know! So grown up, right?

There’s a neighborhood in Denver, that has the CUTEST houses.  Like super cute.  All the houses are very New-Englandy as Fury and I call it.  Big multi-level houses with huge yards.  Lots of space for storage.  A far cry from the not-so-perfect house that required us to become raw vegan minimalist.  So we’re moving right?

The house is super cute, but was listed well over the going rate for that neighborhood.  Approximately $60,000 too high.  There was no way that we were going to pay the inflated price.  However, how do you send someone an offer that is $60,000 less than what they are asking for.  We ran comps on the neighborhood on our own as well as with our realtor and came up what we thought was a reasonable offer $50K below list. After hours and hours of research, plus a heart-warming love letter we placed our offer last Monday. The next day the sellers countered our offer with one that was $5,000 below list. WHAT?!? So basically, there was a $45,000 difference in what they were willing to let the house go for, and what we were willing to pay for the house.  Now $45,000 may not seem like a lot, when you are buying property for $1 or $2 million dollars.  But we are not part of the 1%.  So that means, $45K is a huge effing deal.

Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So we walked away from the house.

Right now, Fury and I are taking a step back to reevaluate our priorities in our house search. Being first time home buyers and new to Denver gives us a particularly unique set of challenges:

  • Denver has 68 neighborhoods and we only know about 15% of them well enough to say that we would/would not live there
  • Denver has some pretty awesome suburbs that we also don’t know super well – but are we suburb people?
  • Most people who are searching for a home have a commute to work or children in school and these things usually help you narrow down your neighborhood selection.  The fact that we don’t have either, give us the luxury of flexibility, but any of those things can change so we can’t be too flexible
  • As a First Time Home buyer we have absolutely no idea how to “pick” a house, we think we know what we want.. but do we?
  • The Denver housing market is uber-competitive.  Houses sell anywhere from hours to days.  Decisions must be quick.

So what now?



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